cu sith mythology dogCu Sith is a new resource for finding and sharing information and ideas about mythological themes from ancient and modern life. To think more deeply, and more creatively, we reflect upon the essence of Cu Sith.

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An interest in mythological themes is all theme that binds together the articles that you see below. All original writings of the creators of Cu Sith, they explore the meaning and relevance of both classical mythology and the mythological elements of current cultural themes that many people might not regard as mythological at all.

Here at Cu Sith, we understand that myth is myth regardless of its truth or untruth. What distinguishes myth from reality is its translation of ideas into a symbolic narrative form. In other words, myths are the stories we tell ourselves about the meaning of what is real and what we want to be real.

With the oldest myths, there are often only fragments left for us to examine. Present-day myths, on the other hand, are often still in development. However, even if we have only bits and pieces of an entire mythological unit, we can still find important elements of meaning. After all, a symbol, even when isolated from its cultural context, has a living, ever-developing meaning that is imparted to it from the people who read it.

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